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Kim Kardashian On The Cover Of Complex Mag

You’re busier than people would assume. You’re always doing something, so what do you do when you just want to dumb out and not think about the next thing?
Kim Kardashian: I love to make little scrapbooks and little collages and organize. I’m an organization freak, so if I’m at home, it’s that. When I’m traveling, I can’t let all my stuff get out of order. I love to sit around and make cards and collages for my friends of trips we’ve taken. I have a whole bunch of photo albums that aren’t used, and I print out all the pictures and cut them out and do silly stuff.

The last time we spoke, you said something to me, and I’ll read you the quote: You said, “I’m not the sex kitten that they’ve made me out to be, but I’ll give it to them when I have to. I know that’s what they want.” How does that differ for you when your audience is women and your audience is men?
Kim Kardashian: It doesn’t really; I’m a lot more shy than what people think, and when I was doing Dancing With the Stars, that really became apparent. That was the first time I wasn’t with my sisters; I film my reality show at home with my family. It really couldn’t be a more comfortable environment. And so when I was thrown into this world of performing and just being me—you see it on the show and my sisters say it every day—I’m so boring! I’m just not outspoken like they are. And I was really glad that everyone kinda got to see the real me, but even in Dancing With the Stars people expected this really outspoken, sexy…

Ah, c’mon, you’re the vixen, right?
Kim Kardashian: It was almost a struggle for me; these dancers have the most amazing bodies and they’re wearing next to nothing, and I’m over here trying to cover up more. And they’re like, “Wait, wait, wait, what? We thought you were supposed to be so comfortable with yourself,” and this and that. The thing is, I’m not that comfortable. Every girl has their insecurities, and with the outfits that they put you in, it became this struggle between people’s perception of me and the reality. I think I’m halfway in the middle. I mean, who doesn’t like to be sexy? But I’m not the most outspoken person. I’m a little bit more uncomfortable than perceived.
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