check out chilly o new video..mixtape now...blck mr.Rogers if its hot its here at fly boyz
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4 more music and interviews from this artist check out fly boyz ent.netif its hot its here
live interview chilly o the prince of the island,talks about hip hop and 750 l.i. muzik 750 l.i muzik
chilly0:itz about the streets of long island,about me u basicly life in l.i
fly whats the next move after the mixtape any other projets
chilly0:the next project !!you know fly boyz new era mixtape,more money!!
fly boyz of up and coming artist and major lables are using the internet fa promoting contraversy !!like you tube,world star hiphop,u got ya thisis u feel hip hop has changed for the better or worse
chilly0:i think its good right now,because contraversy sales,now its more money..that could get worse .more money only make it better in the game would u like to callab with
chilly0:um..well first who ever pays.,who ever is hot,and who ever's real
fly boyz of rumors about you sound like jim jones,how did the rumor start
chilly0:i sound like new money,something new,he sound jones...still like his music is what it is!! lets get to the nitty gritty,
fly boyz can we expect from a chilly o mixtape,why should ya fans support this album
chilly0:im something hot,because people need something new,im more than wavy baby its a new era
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